On March 27th, I have uploaded an illustration of Alice falling through the rabbit hole on Facebook. The feedback was quite amazing, you can view it here

Alice falling through the rabbit hole - Collage, acrylic, digital - 28x40cm

What I could say is that this artwork was not intended to depict Alice at all in the first place. Let me show you how it was made from the beginning. I bet you wouldn't believe it, too.

The initial sketch, poster color, as big as the palm of my hand

The initial sketch was a simple placement of black and white shapes on an area having the size as big as the palm of my hand. It could be seen as a nice composition of big and small shapes. Thus, I could make use of it as a ground for a bigger painting. I put a bigger paper on the wall, ready to make a charcoal drawing.
First, I was trying to draw a figure of a sad woman who was bowing her head down to comb her hair. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way.

60x80 cm

I was thinking if it could be made in a much different way. It did not need to be a woman. Why not a bit more abstract? Let's build from that.
The final look was quite appealing and more interesting to me. How the textures of different shapes playing all together. This could be a neat drawing for a great painting! As I took a picture of it with my camera and turned it sideways, I discovered that it could look better in other ways.

charcoal drawing, 60x80 cm

Do you see something? I did see something different. More like a journey to a secret door on the right below. Hm, I wondered if Alice could be put there...
A little sticker of Alice and it was all made sense. This could be Alice falling down the rabbit hole! I didn't start to make a painting right away after this because I needed to get back to my work and study. The drawing was put back there for a while.
Another week passed by, I was a little bored so I decided to do something much more different than I used to do. I decided to bring an old catalogue of fashion in general, a bottle of glue, a sharp knife and etc., all was ready for a collage art.  What was I thinking that day?
It did not go so well at first. But what the harm to make it worse? I just keep pushing it until I finally said that was it

Collage, Acrylic on canson paper

The final look was not very interesting to me. I was not expecting this outcome but it was not good either. I decided to scan it anyway and I was hoping for something better than this. Surprisingly, the scan made it look better and an added Alice was great.

Alice was added digitally

As you could see, all of this went from a very small sketch of nonsense. You never could know what possibility of a small drawing or painting could become! Let me call this a happy accident. 

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