Illustrator | Fine artist
Rong Pham was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Originally majoring in Engineering Mechanics at HCMC University of Technology, Rong's burning desire to paint drove him to switch to an Illustration course at ADC Art Institutes, where he and his classmates teamed up to be Vuon Illustration. From that moment on, he began illustrating book jackets and children’s books for several publishers in Vietnam and internationally, eventually branching into advertising and commercial commissions. 
Though Rong has been largely known for his digital approach, he decided to pursue a BFA degree in Sơn mài, a traditional Vietnamese method of art making, to explore the inner voice artistically. In 2022, Rong received a Young Artist prize and an Award for investment in non-member artists for his Sơn-mài artworks, both held by Vietnam Fine Arts Association.
Working with different mediums enlightens him, which results in his recent mixed-media approach. In 2022, his first mixed-media children’s book, 'Tìm mẹ and other folk tales', was published in the celebration of 65 years of Kim Dong Publishing House. Also in 2022, he had the privilege to join an 8-month global workshop held by Room to Read to incorporate mixed-media techniques into making a fun children's book on the theme of Child's social and emotional well-being through play
HCMC University of Fine Arts, HCMC, Vietnam
Bachelor of Fine arts, Sơn mài 
July 2023

Publishers: Scholastic Asia | Poodle Doodle Press | Room to Read | Enuma | New Buds Publishing house | Kim Dong Publishing House | Nha Nam Publishing | Huy Hoang Book, etc.
Corporates: Uniqlo | Honda | Coca-cola | Johnson's Baby | LG | TudungPeople | Litjoy Crate | Omo | Vincom | Vinhomes | Sunworld | OceanBank | Asia Commercial Bank | Biti's, etc.
2023 Student of 5 merits, HCMC University of Fine Arts — HCMC, Vietnam
2023 Second prize, University of Fine Arts Exhibition VI 2023, HCMC University of Fine Arts — HCMC, Vietnam
2022 Award for investment in non-member artists, Creative Camp Report Exhibition 2022, HCMC Fine Arts Association — HCMC, Vietnam
2022 Young Artist prize, Art exhibition region VI 2022, HCMC Fine Arts Association — HCMC, Vietnam
2018 Grand prize, Milo Can Contest, Nestlé — HCMC, Vietnam
2015 First prize (group achievement), Senses of Vietnam, Vietnam Creative Festival — HCMC, Vietnam

2023 New year & New spring Quý Mẹo, HCMC Fine Arts Association — HCMC, Vietnam
2022 Sơn mài Exhibition 2022, HCMC Fine Arts Association — HCMC, Vietnam
2022 Koviet Art Festival, Artspace — HCMC, Vietnam
2022 International friendship celebration at Vladivostok city — Vladivostok, Russia
2022 Creative Camp Report Exhibition 2022, HCMC Museum of Fine Arts — HCMC, Vietnam
2022 International Illustration Fair (时间的履历), B.I.G Haizhu Bay Creative Zone — Guangzhou, China
2022 Art exhibition Region VI 2022, HCMC Museum of Fine Arts — HCMC, Vietnam
2022 Bắc nhịp tang bồng, Toong — Hanoi, Vietnam
2021 Virtual Sights and Sounds: Vietnam, Hive Virtual Space — HCMC, Vietnam
2021 Ti-Ết, Hai An Gallery — HCMC, Vietnam
2019 Nảy mầm, The Hummingbird Cafe — HCMC, Vietnam
2018 Honda Make_Honda Vol1, www.honda.co.jp — Tokyo, Japan
2018 Vẽ Về Hát Bội, The Garden mall gallery — HCMC, Vietnam
2017 Digital Art, Vietnam Fine Arts Association  — HCMC, Vietnam
2022 Play and the child's social and emotional well-being, a picture book writing workshop by Room to Read — Global workshop
2021 Thủ thà thủ thỉ, a picture book reading program by author Hoài Anh — Vietnam
2021 Điều ước cho em, a project by the Ministry of Education and Training, and other national associations — Vietnam

Works held in private collections in Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

2024 Magical & Unusual Solar Eclipse, written by Silvia Piccinotti, BookBaby — USA
2022 Tìm mẹ và các truyện dân gian khác, written by Nguyễn Huy Tưởng, Kim Dong publishing house — Vietnam
2021 Now is the time to sleep, New buds — China
2021 Đồng dao cho bé, compiled by Hiếu Minh, Kim Dong publishing house — Vietnam
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