Author: Silvia Piccinotti
Publisher: BookBaby | 2024
About the author: Silvia Piccinotti - an Ivy League Ph.D. scientist with an unusual family tradition: chasing Total Solar Eclipses. When not immersed in the world of biotech or running after her two boys, she is planning their next Solar Eclipse adventure. Chasing total Solar Eclipses has taken Silvia and her family from the familiar landscapes of the U.S. to the remote beauty of Papua New Guinea. With this heartfelt and scientifically accurate book, Silvia hopes to inspire and ignite the spirit of curiosity in a new generation of budding eclipse chasers.

I have a wonderful time working with Silvia and we hope this picture book will bring a lot of enjoyment to everybody, especially kids and families who love adventures in science.

It can be ordered now at the link below
Hardcover: BookBaby
Ebook: Apple Book
Hardcover & Kindle Edition: Amazon

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